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The Track

The Ultimate Drivers Weekend

Get the full experience as God (and we) intended! Backroads, Car swapping, Open lapping, Driver challenges, VIP amenities, Wheel-to-wheel kart racing, Photo/videography, Show 'n Shine, Meals, Awards, and Swag - it's all here! A full sample platter of car culture in one unforgettable weekend. INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU SEE BELOW:


The Track

Open Lapping

Multiple 20-minute lapping sessions on DCTC's 1.3 mile course. Classroom and in-car instruction provided by Gary Curtis Driving Experience. 

Wet Challenges

Driver Challenges

Not your average track day - it's the enthusiasts' dream weekend. You'll love our timed events such as The Gauntlet, Interceptor Challenge, Stop Box and Reverse Slalom. Awards given. 

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APEX Leaderboard

Take the Interceptor Challenge! Drive our reasonably priced Crown Victoria Police Interceptor and put your driving skills, not your car, to the test. Your name posted on our TopGear-style leaderboard. 


Hospitality Tent

Get the trackside VIP treatment. Shaded tent area stocked with meals, snacks, beverages, tables & chairs, TV, charging station, fans, and essential track tools. 

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Professional Media

Jay Media will be onsite throughout the day. We'll also be looking for interesting places to mount some GoPros!

Car Show

Public Car Show

We will be hosting a public car show at the track in the afternoon for some in-between-rounds entertainment. Let the show come to you. 

KART PACK - $149


Indoor Karting

After a fun day of performance driving, get an extra dose of adrenaline with some wheel-to-wheel racing at 40mph an inch off the ground.



Take something home for the shelf and the 'gram. Trophy for top driver. 

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Dinner Included

Come ready to eat! Full buffet style BBQ dinner served in our private Sky Box. 


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Arrive & Drive

Immerse yourself in the sounds and camaraderie of likeminded enthusiasts with a passion for the drive. 300 miles of Midwest's finest. Swag, Road Tape, and photography included. 

The Exchange

Enthusiast Exhange

New experiences await. Opt in and be assigned multiple vehicles to sample throughout the day across a diverse range of vehicle types and driving experiences. 

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Meals Included

Meet up for breakfast, registration, and drivers meeting. Then enjoy a private lunch at a stunningly beautiful Pizza Farm. Plenty of stops for snacks along the way.  




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