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The concept is the brainchild of co-founders Darren Younge and Davis Silver, both experienced business professionals and avid car enthusiasts.  The vision for the platform came to light after attending and very much enjoying local cruises and track days but consistently being left wanting. Wanting greater organization and preparation from our hosts. Wanting an experience more purely focused on the drive. Wanting more of a challenge, more special moments, and more new experiences. The answer came in the creation of APEX THE PLAINS. The ultimate enthusiasts weekend intent on delivering exceptional yet attainable driving experiences right in our own Midwest backyard.

Our Team

Darren Y

Darren Younge

Introverted but always willing to talk cars. Indoctrinated at the drag strip, but now feening for the twisties. 

Davis S

Davis Silver

Former circle track racer enjoying the novelty of turning right. Current caretaker of '65 Mustang family heirloom. 

Our Partners

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Gary Curtis


Jacob Nowack

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Ryan Sangren

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Matthew Hanson

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Events Gallery

What They're Saying

Just did the road day. Am planning on the entire event next time. Darren and Davis are great organizers and hosts. The price was a good value. Highly recommend

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